“Love Me Like Me” – Natasha Slayton

Facing addiction is something many go through on a daily basis, and while getting over whatever vice one has is a major hurdle in itself, so is the reality they have to face when looking in the mirror. Many don’t feel 100% and like they deserve to be happy like they’re too damaged when in reality – they are human and humans stumble. 

The important part is to get back up and to love yourself. G.R.L.’s Natasha Slayton knows that all too well after making her journey to sobriety. She wanted to celebrate that and send a message to those in similar situations with her latest, “Love Me Like Me.”

The foundation of “Love Me Like Me” is based around Natasha Slayton’s sobriety and realization of self-worth but it’s truly a song that many can attach themselves to. Like so many today in the pop realm, Natasha Slayton is using her platform to promote more than just a well-done piece of music. In the same way, Paramore has done with mental health and Mariana’s Trench has done with eating disorders, Natasha is taking on the importance of self-love post-addiction. And she does so in such a beautifully constructed way. 

In a world that can be abundantly chaotic, it’s sometimes hard for people to grasp the idea that they are not alone. This is why many turn to music for some sort of connection, and Natasha Slayton provides that audible hand to hold with her latest, “Love Me Like Me,” available now on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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