“Lesson #1” – Bakers Duz’n

Listening to “Lesson #1” by Bakers Duz’n gives the vibe that you are on a camping trip with your best adventure friends, they break out a couple of brewskis by the fire, and sits everyone down for a song. “Lesson #1” is for the downtrodden and melancholic souls out there who feel like there is no other hope out there, and are stuck. Bakers Duz’n infuse their brand of soul with a rugged, rootsy charm, especially at 2:20 with their key changes. The lead singer of Bakers Duz’n’s gravelly voice is great company to their simplistic, almost Americana-feeling instrumentals. Bakers Duz’n created a groovy self-help song that is drenched in funky clapping rhythms, soulful ad-libs. You can’t help but smile and want to replay this over and over again, especially if you are seeking a pick-me-up type of song.

Written by Gabrielle LaRochelle

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