“KISSING ON A BALCONY” – Francisco Martin

Not too long ago Francisco Martin came through with the lead single from his upcoming release, ‘Manic,’ and today he’s back with the follow-up single, “KISSING ON A BALCONY.” Much different than “Nobody Listens To Me!” This time around Martin is delivering romance instead of angst, thus showing that his July EP release is going to be as well-rounded as a full moon, and just as mesmerizing as such too. 

“KISSING ON A BALCONY” gives very Ariana Grande in the way Francisco Martin goes back and forth between the choruses and the verses. While the verses give more of this speak-sing fashion, a more conversational vibe with a beat – the verses explode more so and give way to a sensational pop moment. It is a very balanced song that ebbs and flows and doesn’t leave audiences on one note the whole time. Lyrically, it’s a song that lovebirds and those who live for romance are going to instantly fall for as every word is delivered with sincerity. 

Francisco Martin’s ‘Manic’ EP is due out July 22nd and will feature a half dozen songs, including “KISSING ON A BALCONY” and his previous single, “Nobody Listens To Me!” His previous did lean towards the pop-rock realm, while still putting pristine vocals on a platter, so it was interesting to hear him switch it up and give something entirely different both musically and content-wise with the follow-up. He’s touched on feeling low and feeling love, so it seems as if ‘Manic’ will indeed explore a variety of emotions we face on the day to day. 

To hear “KISSING ON A BALCONY’ and more, make sure to check Francisco Martin out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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