“I Know I Can” – Diana Ezerex

The internet will forever be the double edged sword because while it has kept us connected in major ways since March 2020, it’s also given us a reason to spend way too much time online. All that constant scrolling can lead some to darker places than most, especially when we start comparing our lives to the grandiose we see in our feeds. That is just one aspect Diana Ezerex focused on in her latest single, a song perfect for starting a new year – and that is “I Know I Can.” 

Diana Ezerex comes in soft with “I Know I Can,” but the timid vibes of the verses lead to these boisterous and confident choruses that have the power to ignite audiences around the world. Which, speaking of – “I Know I Can” is one of those songs that once it catches wind in its sails, is going to either go viral or land in the hands of chorus teachers everywhere because how can young, aspiring singers not be drawn to glorious vocal moments that Diana Ezerex displays throughout this song? Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this song does strive to push people to take more chances on themselves. 

“I Know I Can” highlights a lot of things, but the part about how much time and energy is wasted comparing one’s life to those online – that hit hard. I fall victim to that too often and Diana is right, I’m better off putting that energy towards my own personal growth. Lesson heard!

Those who live to be inspired by their music can take Diana Ezerex’s latest, “I Know I Can” with them into the new year as it’s available now on all major music and streaming sites.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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