“Hold On” – Unknown Chapters

Many moons ago artists would drop a record and in most cases, people would only ever really know the handful of singles released to the masses. Then came the whirlwind of DIY and streaming, and artists were free to release whatever they wanted when they wanted. Today, many choose to dominate with the single route, especially bands like Unknown Chapters. One, two, no sixth singles already dropped this year, and they just added lucky number seven with the release of “Hold On.”

While bands like Unknown Chapters work to churn out great music, audiences can only be thankful because songs like “Hold On” are the type you grasp onto in an instant. After a year and counting of keeping one’s distance from those they love most in this world, and even random strangers everywhere from concerts to movie theaters, a wave of sadness washed over the world. It was as if we were finally all on the same page, but it was one filled retched plot. Facing that loneliness, Unknown Chapters put those sentiments to song the band hopes will deliver just that to listeners; hope. 

Hope, drive, talent. Three elements that keep artists going. Three things that Unknown Chapters have had since they banded together in 2017. A year later they entered the singles race with “Losing My Mind.” Today, the band has almost a dozen releases to their name, with a majority being released this year alone. That includes the touching and relatable on many levels, “Hold On,” which is out now and available on all major music and streaming sites.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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