“Hell Yeah!” – tiLLie

History has taught us to look towards the arts at any given moment in time, and it’ll tell you what was going on. Just look at what followed the Bubonic Plague, the flu of 1918, and Vietnam. From those tragedies came the Renaissance, the Roaring 20’s, and a wave of free-spirited music from all genres. Today we have a pandemic, way too much racial injustice, and an environmental ticking clock. It’s a lot – a lot – to deal with, and the music coming from coping with all of the above is highlighting the collective fears, anxieties, and attitudes. Music like tiLLie’s newest single, “Hell Yeah!” 

Another era of defining music was the grunge era of the ‘90s and tiLLie captures that alternative essence in a way that is reminiscent of rockers like Prodigy and Garbage. That edgy, but vibrant rock that comes through with an angst-ridden urgency. Which sums up this narrative in many ways. Over the past 18 or so months, our idea of what makes a good day has become bare bones – and “Hell Yeah!” captures that sentiment. Oh, you didn’t want to say your farewells and toss in the towel, you just panicked a little? Hell yeah! 

While ultimately a sad part of our day-to-day, tiLLie doesn’t shy away from the facts. The portrait “Hell Yeah!” plays on a loop is one we’ve all come to find too familiar, and in time will be one of those songs that pinpoints exactly what life was like throughout these odd times. While “Hell Yeah!” is a song that will be noteable to listen to in the future, it’s here now and available on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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