“Heavy” – Nuela Charles

“Heavy” by Nuela Charles is a song that any kind of person could love. It’s positive without being corny, cleanly produced without feeling inorganic, and overall, gloriously infectious. Listening to this track, you’ll find yourself moving to the beat without even trying to. Every little musical flourish feels intuitive, cathartic, and wholesome. 

The song begins with a swelling piano sample, soon joined by a sturdy drum beat. Nuela croons, “Hypocrite / If I let it all go.” Her voice carries this raspiness, offset by a bright, feminine tone. She has the kind of voice that shines through any amount of processing and editing. You can just tell she sounds just like this in real life. The lyrics flow by, drenched in this hopeful bittersweetness as an anticipation for the hook hangs in the air. 


Some claps and rhythmic acoustic guitar signal the beginning of the chorus. Here is where the melody really takes center stage. As Nuela sings the word, “Heavy,” background vocals wash over the mix, imbuing it with even more soulfulness. She sings, “I don’t even know if any love can come out of misery,” with a vibrant, decadent rhythm. This one line sums up the type of natural catchiness present in the whole song. It’s almost difficult to describe because it’s so beautifully inherent. Only a singer or a writer with intrinsic musicality could create something this effortless.


If you love modern pop/R&B music, this one is a no-brainer. Nuela Charles might just be your new favorite artist, or at the very least “Heavy” might be your new favorite song. 


Written by Alyce lindberg

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