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“Falling Back To You” – Florrie

Florrie released upbeat and happy “Falling Back to You” on September 16, 2022. The song is their first release this year coming after their latest “Hours” which dropped early 2021. 


Completely dance-worthy, “Falling Back to You” has the upbeat vibe you want for a weekend. Whether you’re cleaning or getting ready to go out, this song has the perfect beat to groove to with a sing-along chorus. It’s a whirlwind we love to get caught up in. “So wouldn’t it be nice if you’d stay another night cuz I’m falling back to you, yeah,” Florrie sings as the drum beats in the background and synth plays.


It’s almost like “Falling Back to You” has some rom-com falling in love montage feeling to it. I could see it playing in a cute teen-targeted film like The Kissing Booth. Boy meets girl, they date, they breakup, then they cycle back around to each other.


“Didn’t miss ya til you’re gone.” 


“Falling Back to You” is all about rekindling that lost love once you find them again. Was it fate or something else? When you’re caught up in the magic of it, you don’t really think about it. And that’s what this song is–a laid back recount of falling for someone a second time after having been away from them for so long. It’s unexpected, perhaps slow, but at the same time, it’s natural.


Based in the United Kingdom, singer-songwriter Florrie has been on the music scene for a good decade. Florrie has performed at many shows all over the world but says Pohoda in Slovakia was probably her favorite performance to date. For more, follow her socials linked below.


Written by Dana L. Sullivan

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