“GHOST ME” by MOVE LIKE CREATURES is a catchy, powerfully-performed alternative rock masterpiece. With an infectious, climactic chorus and a perfectly arranged mix of instrumentation, this song has major staying power. It’s the kind of track you’ll want to replay immediately after it ends.

A fuzzy synth swell ushers in a crisp drum fill. The band piles in with a bass line and a guitar riff, a delightful interplay that keeps the ear focused and euphoric. “I’m sorry for procrastinating again,” the singer croons with a bright, conversational tone. Held-out, reverb-drenched strums flow underneath the melody, allowing it to carry most of the rhythmic integrity. The other instruments provide subtle textures, which become not-so-subtle as the song builds. This makes the sectionality feel solid, and also gives the energy a boost when it’s supposed to feel a bit more urgent.

The chorus arrives with a flourish of harmonies, distortion, and overall fullness. “Are you really gonna ghost me after you waited so long to get a hold of me?” the singer cries with this vivacious, belted power. This is the moment that’ll really get stuck in your head. It’s in a high register. It’s repetitive. It’s overall incredibly memorable. You’ll be humming it for days. The presence of vocal harmonies also beefs up the perceived warmth and fullness of the melody. All that said, it’s one of the best examples of effective hook writing you’ll find.

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Written by Alyce Lindberg




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