Gabe Lopez – “End Of The Lost Summer”

Capturing worldwide isolation into one intimate perspective, Gabe Lopez reflects on the year that ‘felt like August’ in his latest single “End of the Lost Summer”. Off the end of a thrilling ride of success with tours across the US and UK, the stillness of a long Covid summer strikes Lopez into a state of misplacement that mirrored his first summer after graduating.  “End of the Lost Summer” begins with a luscious pop beat with anticipating claps and dreamy backing vocals. Ethereal and otherworldly, the vocals slip in and we are brought back to the Summer that never really was. With control and slight refrain, Lopez sings ’Cause there is no safety in numbers, yeah / and there’s not much to do’. Verses feel soulful and sombre in their honest lyricism, whilst the guitar melody gently flirts around Lopez’s voice to create atmospheric tone.

The chorus picks up into a pulsating hook reminiscent of those past summer hits, transporting us back to the vibey roadtrips when our friendships were not limited to videocalls and handwritten letters. Synth-heavy and electrifying, Lopez enthrals with a confidently energizing track that invites in space for melancholy, too. Most of us understand exactly what this feeling is like and with the anthemic nature of the chorus, “End of the Lost Summer” is a track made to dance around the room to. Gabe Lopez being a Billboard Top 5 producer/songwriter knows how to get us into that space. To lose yourself in the electronic-pop catharsis, channel the ‘bummer’ of a calendar full of cancellations and accept that 2020 was the year that passed us by.

Gabe Lopez perfectly uses his music as therapy for himself and his fans with “End of the Lost Summer”. This song encapsulates not just our current limited social life, but all those past and future life changes that leave us uncertain and lonely. Thankfully music gives us an opportunity reflect and scream out those thoughts, knowing that the world can relate.

Written by Faye Williamson

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