February Music Discoveries

As we slowly escape the winter doldrums, we look forward to the renewal of springtime. Let this fresh batch of songs soundtrack your spring cleaning routines.

Kiey – white boy i sat next to on the plane

About an unrequited crush, “white boy i sat next to on the plane” by Kiey is about being extraordinarily captivated with someone you just met. It’s a love song for the missed connections that continue to linger on for you.

Col Patterson – Bedford Falls

“Bedford Falls” by singer-songwriter Col Patterson features tumbling drums, jangly accents and twinkling piano. Altogether, it’s an ethereal merry-go-round style of melody.

Jody Lynn – Just Curious

“Just Curious” by Jody Lynn dabbles in becoming a dance-punk hybrid. The peak of merging these two disciplines is the hyperactive flurry starting just before the 2:20 mark.

Stage Of Theed – The Truth In Any Way (Martin Whisper Remix)

Stage Of Theed’s “The Truth In Any Way (Martin Whisper Remix)” delivers a subtle sense of euphoria. The introduction of a pins and needles style of synth heightens the senses.

Marcus Ryan – So Far Away

At first, “So Far Away” by Marcus Ryan stylizes itself as rainy day alt-rock. However, that all gets washed away by a flood of hard charging riffs.

Covered In Daisies – Hungover

“Hungover” by producer Covered In Daisies features an echoing piano and subtle knocks of bass. Altogether, it is a minimalist melody that gracefully moves in and out in under two minutes.

MACY – Third Person

“Third Person” by MACY is highlighted by the use of a reverberating bass. From time to time, there’s a quivering and shaking effect that ripples outward from these beats.

Judy – Mom

“Mom” by French singer-songwriter Judy leads with majestic acoustics and tiptoeing bass. Just before the 2:50 mark, there is a series of wiry chords that echo out across the soundscape.

Swamp Music Players – Ice Machine

“Ice Machine” by Swamp Music Players is a swooning country song subtly accented by whispering synth along its fringes. Things turn a bit dreamy with a series of warbling guitar riffs just past the three minute mark.

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