February Finds

Whether Cupid’s arrow hit the bullseye or wildly missed the mark, we at Music & Fashion are on target with another selection of songs for you.

Charlotte Grace – Saffron Wine

“Saffron Wine” by singer-songwriter Charlotte Grace unfolds a kaleidoscopic melody that is accented by smidgens of swooning horns, tiptoeing keys and subtle bass. Shortly before the 2:30 mark, a purposeful snare drum-led interlude brings the energy down, momentarily, before its final flourish.

Formal Gowns – Radio Love

“Radio Love,” by LA-based band Formal Gowns, is a dose of sun kissed serenity. It’s highlighted by a sweet serenade of horns as well as an ethereal guitar hit at around the 2:25 mark.

Stephen Rafferty – Boys Back When

“Boys Back When” is about taking a stock of where you are in life. Singer-songwriter Stephen Rafferty delves into how quickly the bonds of camaraderie can fade away.

Casper Caan – Hearts Are Opening Up

Casper Caan’s “Hearts Are Opening Up” is a sprightly style of pop rock. Altogether, it’s a super active melody of boppy and jangly components.

Jessie Berkshires – Testify

For the final minute-plus of Jessie Berkshire’s “Testify,” the singer takes the opportunity to vent their internal frustrations. It’s not a rant nor a diatribe, but an articulate airing of grievances.

Jeffrey Leander – You Rescued Me

“You Rescued Me” by singer-songwriter Jeffrey Leander is a song for realizing what you have been missing in your life. It’s a tribute to a love that redeems your self-confidence.

Johnny Stumpf – Peripheral Vision

“Peripheral Vision,” by indie pop artist Johnny Stumpf, gives off a dancey vibe. A boppy, shimmering soundscape is afforded its moments to shine.

After Berlin – Five Days

By French indie pop trio, After Berlin, “Five Days” is for a certain forlorn contingent on this day of hearts. “Five Days” is for when you’re not emotionally ready to accept love, but can’t shake your feelings for them.

Olivia Brand – 1003 Days

On this Valentine’s Day, “1003 Days,” by singer-songwriter Olivia Brand, is a song about reaching the crossroads in a relationship. The proclamation of “you don’t know the way you changed my life after 1003 days” is a testament to the renewing power of love.

DJ Brokoli – Madeleine Said

“Madeleine Said” by DJ Brokoli is an invigorating dance track that features a dose of whirlwind tempo to sweep you away. If you’re looking for a brisk wake-up call, this track will oblige.

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