“Fake Scenarios” – ÊMIA

Anyone born with shyness in their core can attest to the love stories and wild rides that come to mind when their imaginations get going. Hey, even those who aren’t meek know about this. It’s human nature to wonder, but ÊMIA took it a step further with her latest single, “Fake Scenarios.” 

It’s almost as if ÊMIA invites listeners to take part in a very intimate moment in her mind. An invite that presents some chaos at the start as the song comes through a bit wild at first, but then settles into an addicting groove that allows the narrative to play out wonderfully. A narrative in which someone is envisioning the grandest love story that never was because it’s about someone they don’t…know. We’ve all been there. 

I once had a year or two romance with a guy I saw every morning on my bus commute. Sadly, those “Fake Scenarios” came to an end when my route changed. ÊMIA was able to take me back while also allowing me, and everyone else who’s ever done it to sort of celebrates those vivid daydreams in a way that’d make fans of artists like Halsey and Dua Lipa take notice. 

“Fake Scenarios” is the first single from ÊMIA’s upcoming EP, ‘Video Call,’ a two-part project that she did alongside Charlie Kurata. The two have yet to meet in real life and based this collaboration on the years of long-distance connection. In today’s world, that’s as relatable as the daydreams that often lead us to our own “Fake Scenarios.” To hear her latest, and more, make sure to check ÊMIA out now on all major music and streaming platforms today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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