“Enjoy the Ride” – Riley Baron

There are countless lists about the best road trips to take within the confines of the United States, and every single one of them typically includes PCH. The Pacific Coast Highway, the 1, whatever you want to call it is as picturesque as the rest of the state. Only this drive takes you up and down the Golden Coast with a view like no other. A view and a mood captured by Riley Baron on his August 2021 release, “Enjoy the Ride.” 

Riley Baron worked alongside an orchestra in London and Prague to develop a sound any and everyone who has taken a coastal ride in California can connect to. His vocals are as smooth as the road beneath the tires, and the musical arrangement sweeps over you like the warm winds coming from the Pacific. It’s one of those songs that was meant for a “road trip” mixtape, CD, playlist – whatever your way of listening is. On top of his pipes and the music that embraces them, the lyrics are as easygoing as the left coast as well. 

Overall, “Enjoy the Ride” is a quintessential California-cool song. And in time should be placed alongside The Mamas & the Papas’ “California Dreamin’,” Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Californication,” Jack’s Mannequin’s “Holiday from Real,” and all the others that ease the mind and transport them out west. 

So for those looking for a song that captures the essence of the west coast, or just need one for a road trip elsewhere – check out “Enjoy the Ride” by Riley Baron, available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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