“Drag Me Down” by Daniel McMillan feat. Kasper Juul

Daniel McMillan has teamed up with Kasper Juul to create “Drag Me Down.” It is a song with an infectious melody and wonderful summer vibes. You can’t remain in a bad mood while listening to this song, you just can’t. We had the pleasure of interviewing Daniel McMillan, and here’s what he had to say:

Q: What inspired “Drag Me Down”? And what does it mean to you?

MCMILLAN: For a long time, I’ve been struggling to make a career for myself in the music industry – as most people know, it’s a tough place to be. But I remember long ago when I had no money, no team, and no direction – I decided I would pull my own weight and never let my doubts drag me down. And that’s exactly why this song came about. It’s a tribute to the strong mindset, the go-get-it attitude. Getting these thoughts into words and melody surely made it easier for me to remember my goal – and I hope it can inspire just one other person out there to aim for the stars.

Q: How did you arrive at this tune? And at what point did you feel “Okay. This is great. I’m gonna put this out there!”?

MCMILLAN: I sat down with two good friends in the studio, a producer and a writer, and Mathias Neumann (the producer) pulled up an instrumental he had been working on – and that track inspired this story in a heartbeat – the rest is history.

Q: What effect would you love your music to have on listeners?

MCMILLAN: If this song inspires one other person out there to forget about the negatives for just a while, then I’m happy. We all deserve a break once in a while.

Q: Do you have a regular routine you follow when you’re creating new music? What’s your usual strategy?

MCMILLAN: I always create from the heart, starting off with either keys, guitar, or a simple melody. Whatever happens, happens – if it sounds shit, then it’s alright, we got plenty of time.

Q: What do you like the most about this song?

MCMILLAN: I love the vibe this song has. It’s kinda chill, kinda understated, so it gets the message through without sounding like a motivational speech.

Q: What drives you to make music?

MCMILLAN: I can’t help it. I don’t need to drive myself to make music, music drives me!

Interviewed by Zoey King






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