“Don’t Stop Calling” – Dry Clean Only

Dry Clean Only has just released their single “Don’t Stop Calling”, the fourth monthly release off of their upcoming record. An infectiously upbeat rock song about a toxic relationship, “Don’t Stop Calling” will have your full attention with incredible rock instrumentation, fun and dynamic rhythms, and lyrics that will have you singing along.

With an ambient guitar strum, the song begins with an unassuming introduction that creates a soft and subtle bed for the verse. Suddenly, the chorus goes full speed and you’re whisked into a hurricane of rhythmic percussion and electric guitar riffs that will have you dancing along. The lead singer’s voice is clear and classically conversational as he emotionally sings the catchy, narrative lyrics. As the song continues, the bright instrumentation pulls back for a thoughtful bridge complete with pulsing kick drum before again building to a delightfully raucous finale.
Based in Queens, New York, Dry Clean Only brings a fun, fresh perspective to their music while effortlessly capturing a classic 2000s rock sound. Boasting incredible vocals and guitar riffs that will have you seriously considering picking up your neglected guitar to figure them out yourself, “Don’t Stop Calling” is a song that will make you incredibly excited to hear the rest of the band’s upcoming releases.

Written by Katrina Charles






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