“Dear Karma” – Felicia Lu

Whether it was several years ago or today, the foundation of Felicia Lu’s music has always been electric. Sensational electropop interweaved with lyrics that could very well be plastered on a pop-punk record, but alas – Lu takes the dark hues of her words and intertwines them masterfully with a dynamic sound and the result? Music we can’t get enough of, and that includes her latest endeavor, “Dear Karma.” 

Felicia Lu has stated that in 2022 she wanted to focus more on a fresh, darker sound but I felt “Dear Karma” was as intense as her telling as her last release in 2021, “Anxiety.” Nevertheless, “Dear Karma,” tells the tale of the revenge that’s born after being treated the wrong way. It’s one of those songs that you don’t want to connect to, but you do because in reality – who hasn’t wanted to take out revenge on someone who’s done them dirty? Be it a coworker taking a promotion you felt was yours or an ex that left you broken on the floor. Whatever the scenario, “Dear Karma” is the soundtrack. 

In 2015 Felicia Lu dropped her debut single, but before that she spent time in the finals of a reality TV singing competition show. Since her time on the small screen, Felicia Lu has found her footing as an artist but is always looking to grow her sound. Something she plans on focusing on more with “Dear Karma” and what follows. Not afraid to get personal, she’s ready to share what’s swirling inside of her with the world. To get inside that musical mind, make sure to check Felicia Lu out now on all major music and streaming platforms today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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