“Cliché of Falling in Love” – Madison Olds

Madison Olds’ latest single “Cliché of Falling in Love” is a roller coaster of a song that utilizes versatile instrumentation and dynamic production to craft an immersive sonic experience. Featuring an incredible vocal performance and lyrics that play out like a movie, “Cliché of Falling in Love” is the perfect anti-love song love song for all your summer love song needs.

“Cliché of Falling in Love” begins without warning immediately enveloping you in Madison Olds’ rich, striking vocals. The instrumentation is minimal but supportive as the upbeat, syncopated lyrics draw you in with their infectious and conversational quality. The chorus erupts into a bright, optimistic explosion with driving rhythms and dynamic synths. The lyrics tell a realistic love story with an idyllic edge as they repeat “we’re the cliché of falling in love” with a delightful, catchy melody.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Madison Olds has been keeping busy since the release of her debut album Blue in 2019. The artist has released six new singles in the last year and has received several accolades including winning Bell Media’s “Future Star” radio program and garnering over 1 million streams on Spotify for her top three releases. With “Cliché of Falling in Love”, Madison showcases her unique perspective in a fun, complex release that is sure to be a hit.

Written by Katrina Charles

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