“Class Enrollment” by Wowashwow

Attention everyone, class is officially in session. “Class Enrollment” gives us an edge to dance and evolve. Wowashwow is a musician who was raised in South Jersey and Philadelphia and now calls Los Angeles home. She has been involved in music for most of her life. She began writing songs when she was six years old. Later, when she was a teenager, she started a music career as the lead guitarist and singer of a punk rock band. By the time she started college, she had already completed a tour of the US, opening for Marky Ramone, the former drummer for The Ramones. She had also taken some steps toward launching a solo career. We had the pleasure of interviewing Wowashwow, and here is what she had to say:

Q: Where did you come up with your name Wowashwow?

WOWASHWOW: Wow ASH Wow is a play on my actual name. It can be taken in one of two ways. Either as a moment of praise. Like, “WOW!” Ash! Wow! You really did that girl! Or, Wow. Ash. Wow. You really did that…”

Q: You’ve dealt with mental health issues. How does this song affect you emotionally and mentaWe have our pencils and composition books ready because we want to take notes. What was your creative direction for “Class Enrollment”?

WOWASHWOW: The creative direction was a collaborative effort with my go-to production squad, Voodoo Visuals, my dress designer (Troy C Ford), and myself. I expressed to the team that I wanted to create a video that was just an instant classic, with fun storytelling and beautiful camera shots. Then, I thought it would be fun to have multiple versions of me playing different characters, and the team made the full concept come to life from there!

Q: Class Enrollment is a very catchy and unique track. How would you describe your musical style?

WOWASHWOW: My style is just Wowashwow. I stopped trying to define what my style was awhile ago. I just make the s**t that makes you stomp your feet.

Q: How do you balance maintaining your creative vision with making commercial compromises?

WOWASHWOWI really believe that it starts with the team of people that is built around you. They have to understand your integrity as a person and an artist. That way when you’re facing compromising issues, you have a squad that has your best interests at heart first.

Q: What makes you unique as an artist? Why do your fans like your music?

WOWASHWOWI’m unapologetically me. And in a world where conformity is the standard, I feel that my energy is appreciated. But when it comes to music, I make foot-stomppers and who can’t get down to that?

Q: What are you working on now?

WOWASHWOW: I’m working on releasing the next single and the album after that. Then afterwards definitely a tour.

Interviewed by Shertara Brazil





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