“cheetos n coke” – Lisa Heller

As someone who spent their entire childhood and much of their adult life avoiding mirrors for one reason or another, all I can say is “cheetos n coke” by Lisa Heller is a total mood. Anyone who has thought their life would just be easier if they did this or that to their body will sadly be able to relate to this vulnerable pop song that displays one of the most universal feelings. 

Lisa Heller comes through with such raw honesty from the start that you can’t help but feel every moment of “cheetos n coke” run through you as if she were a close friend letting you in. With a soft yet stern control of her words, she displays the same pop prowess as Olivia Rodrigo has shown in the past year; beautiful, sincere pop riding atop angst. What I love most about this song is the simplicity of the arrangement. It allows Lisa Heller’s vocals to take the helm and guide the song through to the end. 

A music career was somewhat always in the cards for Lisa Heller as she has been working towards it since she hit her teens. At the age when our insecurities say hello to a new cascade of anxieties, she spent a lot of her time in her bedroom writing songs to cope with it all. Those songs soon garnered local attention and from there she packed up and started playing shows throughout the east coast. Since then she’s released two EPs and moved out west. Now she’s kicking off 2022 with a song that only going to further cement her spot in the musical realm. 

To hear “cheetos n coke” and more from Lisa Heller, check her out on all major music and streaming sites now.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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