“Boyfriend” – Tamar Davis

Long before they were the child of Destiny, the girl group was called Girls Tyme and Tamar Davis was part of it, but that was just the start of her journey. From there she went on to perform on Broadway and even tour with the late, great Prince. Today, she’s hot on the heels of her third album, ‘My Name Is Ashley,’ and the lead single, “Boyfriend.” 

“Boyfriend” comes through with a lively energy that is as charismatic as a late-night talk show host with its pop meets soul vibes that carry it throughout. Lyrically, it kind of stands apart from the cascade of songs out right now as it’s not necessarily the most endearing of love songs, but rather the story of someone who is in a grey area when it comes to their partner. Tamar Davis joyfully laments about loving this “Boyfriend” but at the same time admits that he’s not always Mr. Perfect. It’s one of those situations that some can attach themselves to, but those who can’t – it doesn’t matter because the song is just a well-rounded, made-for-the-radio track. 

Having appeared on ‘Star Search’ back in her girl group days, Tamar Davis knew her way around a competition show. Which helped her make it onto Team Christina on the tenth season of NBC’s hit series, ‘The Voice.’ While she didn’t take home the win, she dropped an album that same year. It’s been four years since then and now Tamar Davis is back and ready for more with ‘My Name Is Ashley.’ 

Those interested in peak pop with an R&B base, can check out “Boyfriend” and ‘My Name Is Ashley,’ both out now and available on all major music and streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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