“Boy In A Billion” – Claire Rosinkranz

It is interesting to get to a point in life where you have enough time behind you to assess a past and see how it’s impacted the present. Coming of age at the real start of the internet, the bubblegum pop of ‘Tiger Beat’ inspired MTV, overly processed well – everything, it’s weird to see that while we’re still sold the idea of this and that daily thanks to endless algorithms, it’s cool to see that in terms of art – creative people like Claire Rosinkranz are working overtime to step away from the expected. Her latest, “Boy In A Billion,” is great pop music but at the same time, deviates from the pop I grew up with, heck…even the pop of 10 years ago. It’s effortlessly cool, calm, and collected.

If there is one thing Claire Rosinkranz has proven with her first two singles off her highly anticipated sophomore release, ‘6 Of A Billion,’ it’s that she knows how to string together the contents of her mind, set them to a fantastic set of beats, and slay each and every time. “ “Frankenstein” gave California-quirk, while “Boy In A Billion” served a main course destined to satisfy from coast to coast and beyond. Lyrically, simple but the way she vibes along with the music – she showcases that she’s not a one-trick pony and is pushing herself with the homage R&B throughout.

Every generation is going to vary from the last in every facet of life from vernacular to style to music and when it comes to Gen-Z, Claire Rosinkranz is a great representation of where her generation is with their artistry. It’s not like their older siblings or their parents, and it’s not to appear cool – it just is. It’s on their terms every step of the way.

“Boy In A Billion” is out now and you can check out Claire Rosinkranz’s ‘6 Of A Billion,’ everywhere music is sold and streamed on July 9th.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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