“Bother” – Victoria Barral

“Bother” by Victoria Barral is one of the most musically complex pop-rock songs you’ll hear. With a ton of different textures, grooves, instruments, and dynamic levels, it never fails to keep you invested. As it toggles between a soft acoustic vibe and an upbeat, angsty, and distorted one, you experience so many influences–from indie pop to pop-punk and back. Truly, Victoria Barral created something just as trendy as it is authentic, which can be hard to accomplish.

It starts with a swarm of acoustic guitar strums and dreamy background vocals. You get the sense that the coming song is going to be a twinkly, sparkly indie song–and in some ways it is. “It’s three A.M. and you call / ‘cause it’s twelve A.M. where you’re at,” Victoria sings with this breathy, warm timbre. Even as drums pile in, the atmosphere remains pretty low-intensity. We crawl toward the pre-chorus, delighted by catchy melodies and tasteful harmonies. Distorted, muted power chords start a build, which explodes into the chorus: “‘Cause I don’t want to be a bother.” The ambiance erupts with a distinctly pop-rock sound. The instruments are enveloped in fuzz and driven along by a frenetic drum groove. With an Avril Lavigne-esque style, Victoria serves us a moody, youthful feel change. 

Stay tuned for more relatable lyricism, unexpected arrangement choices, and clean, controlled vocals. “Bother” is an effortlessly cool masterpiece by a vibrantly talented artist. You won’t be able to keep yourself from falling in love with Victoria Barral’s artistry! 

Written by Alyce Lindberg

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