Artists That Could (and Should) Revive Lilith Fair

So as the story goes, back in the late ‘90s Sarah McLachlan – the woman who’s made people weep at the sight of puppies for nearly a decade – had hit her limit on what she was willing to accept from the music industry. Venues weren’t booking female musicians as much as they were men, and she noticed one too many radio stations wouldn’t play two female musicians back to back. Imagine if they tried to pull that now? 

They couldn’t because the likes of Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Cardi B, and Olivia Rodrigo own the airwaves. However, this was back in the late ‘90s and not today, so Sarah McLachlan did what needed to be done and with some help launched a summer festival where artists like herself were free to play back to back all day. Yes, we’re talking about Lilith Fair. 

Lilith Fair ran a few years and even had a bit of a revival in the past decade or so, but let’s be real – it needs to come back in full force because today we have an abundance of women and non-binary artists who could fill those rosters in a heartbeat. Some of them, we’ll highlight right now because if anything…these are the artists that could 100% revive the magic that was Lilith Fair.

16. Halsey

When looking for an artist that can take the chaos inside their head and put it to song, Halsey is the master. Their outlook on love and life has been able to take them around the world and then some. So yeah, if we could get Halsey to represent Lilith Fair and have thousands of fans singing along to “Without Me,” that’d be grand. 

15. Laryssa Birdseye

Proudly representing all that’s weird in Portland is Laryssa Birdseye, a singer who blends folk and pop into mesmerizing songs you can’t let go of, including “Fuccboi.” 

14. Jetty Bones


If Warped Tour was still a thing, Jetty Bones would likely be on there alongside other alternative acts that range from punk to emo to metal, but since that tour isn’t coming back anytime soon – we’d love to see Jetty Bones on stage alongside the others that make up this list. 

13. Mahogany Jones

The beauty of a Lilith Fair was that it brought a variety of genres to the table, and that’s what we’d love to see with the modernized version – only with even more! Like hip hop. Well, to be more frank the hip hop of Mahogany Jones. 

12. Olivia Rodrigo

If there is one thing many of us need, it’s to stand in a crowd of our peers and scream, “Well, good for you, you look happy and healthy, not me. If you ever cared to ask!” 

11. Chel

Chel is a Midwest-born, California transplant that not only comes to life when singing songs like “Nasty Woman,” but is also a body-posi model and radio host. She does it all and then some, so why not let the “some” be a fantastic festival? 

10. SZA

Anyone doubting this has clearly never heard the magic that is ‘CTRL.’

9. Demie Cao

Demie Cao is a young artist who naturally lets her heritage come through in her music by implementing lyrics in Mandarin. Would love to see that on the main stage! 

8. Hayley Williams

The lead singer of Paramore has dropped her own solo material in recent years, so if she wanted to take a step away from the band for a summer and do Lilith Fair, we wouldn’t be upset about it. Of course, her bandmates are more than welcomed too though!

7. Claire Hawkins

Claire Hawkins is a traveling troubadour who, before COVID, was here, there, and everywhere touring unique destinations; hostels. Yup, she went to the people and played her wonderful songs that are reminiscent of artists like Colbie Caillat and Sara Bareilles. 

6. Kacey Musgraves

It wouldn’t be a party without one of Country music’s finest, right? 

5. Jessie Reyez

Jessie Reyez is one of those artists that is bigger than words. Raw, honest lyrics matched by vocal performances that have the perfect balance of vulnerable prowess. Truly a sight to be seen in concert. 

4. Willow

Again, Warped Tour is no more so Willow should bring that transparent soul to this dream festival. 

3. Reyna Roberts

Kacey Musgraves isn’t the only Country girl we’re eyeing for this festival. We also have our sights set on Reyna Roberts too!

2. Taylor Swift

The things Sarah McLachlan set out to fight in the late ‘90s, in many ways, Taylor Swift is still fighting today. From people trying to take her awards away on stage to a man buying her music to constant criticism about who she dates and what she does. Despite all of that though, Taylor Swift has continued to prove what a powerhouse she is both in front and behind the scenes. She would be a perfect anchor for a Lilith Fair revival. 

1. Beyonce

…and if we could somehow afford Beyonce for even just one date, that’d be amazing. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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