“Admit It” – Erika Tham

Honesty is typically the number one thing we look for in a relationship, but when it comes to “Admit It” by Erika Tham, that truth bomb may be hard to swallow – if you’re on the receiving end. That is because this song is what it’s like when you have to break it down and tell the person who caught feels for you that well, things are quite reciprocated. 

Lyrically, the way Erika Tham just comes at you with a blunt approach is refreshing. She doesn’t hide the thoughts swirling around in her head about the situation at hand and quite honestly, her honesty should be celebrated. To string someone along, that’s never ideal. At least with “Admit It,” things are out in the open. Musically, this song is one of those grand pop meets R&B moments that should not be ignored but if you want to take it a step forward – Erika Tham proves the pipes are pure with the acoustic version she does alongside Brian Kennedy, a producer, composer, and pianist who has taken home a Grammy. 

For those wondering why Erika Tham’s name may sound familiar, she’s been working since she was a teen but in other entertainment avenues. She starred on the Nickelodeon series ‘Make It Pop,’ appeared in the Disney Channel Original Movie ‘Kim Possible,’ and then realized that singing wasn’t just something she could do, it was what she had to do. With that, she followed her passion, and with that, her debut single, “Admit It” is out now. You can currently find it on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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