“1200 sq ft.” – Caleb Hearn

We had the pleasure of interviewing Caleb Hearn, and here’s what he had to say:

Q: 1. What does “1200 sq ft” mean to you?

HEARN: 1200 sq ft. is the size of the first house I remember growing up in. I lived in this house before my parents’ divorce while I was still the only child. Although the house was small, I remember it fondly since we shared lots of good memories in that space. I used to have nights with my dad while my mom worked and days with my mom while my dad worked. It was a much simpler time that I love looking back on.

Q: I understand that “1200 sq ft” is also the title-track of your just released EP. Is this your favorite song on the EP? If so, why?

HEARN: Although I love every song on the EP, “1200 sq ft” is my favorite for many reasons. Lyrically it is the most vulnerable I have ever been. Writing about my childhood came easily to me, and I feel like I really expressed myself in the song. I also was highly involved in the production choices — I got to sit with Marc Scibilia while he worked his magic and was able to provide direction. We added a lot of live instruments, and it feels like a different vibe than most of my other releases. I think the overall experience of creating it is a huge reason why it’s my favorite

Q: What do you like the most about writing songs?

HEARN: I love how easily I can express myself. I love telling stories, and writing lyrics is how I feel most comfortable and successful doing so. I also love creating the melodies, but I love the writing process the most.

Q: Was there a pivotal moment in your life when you decided to embark on this journey as a musician?

HEARN: Absolutely. I wanted to do this from the time I first strummed a guitar at 11 years old, but I never really saw it as an actual career path. Things changed when I released “Always Be 2.0,” and I saw the reaction on social media from people listening to the song. After seeing how my lyrics impacted people worldwide, I knew I needed to continue writing and releasing songs.

Q: How do you balance your music career with your social life/other obligations?

HEARN: I used to struggle with this, but over the past year, my values have changed, and I’ve found a much better balance. Recently, I’ve been valuing time with my family and loved ones a lot more since I realized that life is too short to let my career consume me. Even though I sometimes feel guilty taking time off, I realized that if I spend all my time writing songs and doing stuff for my career, I will never have life experiences to write about, and my music won’t be any good.

Q: How would you describe yourself in three words?”Vulnerable, dedicated, and loving.

HEARN: Vulnerable, dedicated, and loving.

Interviewed by Zoey King





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