“You Were The One” – Beth McKenzie

“You Were The One” by Beth McKenzie is a colorful pop song brimming with clever, descriptive language. Characterized by a slew of distorted guitar hits and a crisp, powerful vocal tone, this track embodies effective songwriting and production. Beth throws you into a dynamic emotional roller coaster with her words and keeps you itching for every new moment, motif, and effect.

We’re invited into the song with a fuzzy, repetitive synth riff. “It was too naive of me to think that you’d act your age,” Beth utters the first line with a poignant warmth. The synth line is soon joined by the bass, adding a layer for the sake of building both anticipation and interest. We also receive a bright, sweet harmony that locks in with the melody quite cleanly.

“If you’re going to tell the story / At least tell it right,” the chorus bursts into existence with a witty, biting line. Guitars rumble and simple electronic drums groove underneath an emotive rebuttal, reallocating the blame for an unsavory relationship with such glorious spite. It’s relatable. It’s catchy. It’s altogether cathartic. Beth McKenzie poetically highlights a feeling most, if not all, of us have felt–and that’s just what brilliant songwriting is–packaging feelings in an accessible, artistic way for all to not only enjoy but derive some self-reflection from.

Be sure to give “You Were The One” a listen (and a download)! You’ll doubtlessly fall in love with Beth McKenzie’s charming style and musicianship, and maybe even gain a new favorite song.



Written by Alyce Lindberg

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