“Wish” – Lou Emery

“He loves me for who I wish I was.” 

That line makes one think “Wish” from Lou Emery is this romantic tale in a love song, but diving deeper into it – you start to find the unraveling of a pair.

Lou Emery has this very modern meets contemporary sound. Sounding like the love child of Harry Styles and Sara Bareilles, she comes through with a song that you wouldn’t be shocked to hear on mainstream Top 40, nor on the local coffee shop soundtrack as she balances playful pop elements with a sense of maturity throughout “Wish.” Which is a song that…while it gives the first impression of one thing, actually reflects the reality of a relationship that’s barreling towards the end because of something pretty natural, growth in one person. With time comes change and oftentimes that change in someone can be ignored by their partner, leaving them in love with the past instead of the present. 

What’s admirable about “Wish” is the way Lou Emery presents herself as a storyteller. There is a realistic basis to the nature of the narrative but she layers on these bits of whimsy in the way she stylistically brightens things up when she hits those choruses. Perhaps to add a little hope into the story. As if to say, yeah…a relationship ending isn’t great but at least it’s better than being with someone who doesn’t love who you are. 

Lou Emery is a singer out of Los Angeles with three singles under her belt, with her fourth being “Wish.” She dropped her debut, “September” in 2019. With each new release, she’s showcased a new side of herself. Before “Wish,” “Instinctual” gave similar vibes to Dua Lipa. With so many sides to this coin, it’s never a dull moment. To hear all of the above and more from Lou Emery, make sure to check her out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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