Winona Oak – “With Myself”

“With Myself”, the latest single by rising electro pop artist Winona Oak, is a confident and chilling indie track that’s not to be missed. Having collaborated with The Chainsmokers and currently garnering a whopping three million monthly listeners on Spotify, the Sweden-native already boasts an impressive musical track record.  Now, freshly signed with Atlantic Records and coming off the hype of Closure, her debut EP released earlier this year, Winona’s latest single fires on all cylinders with it’s catchy dance beat and sex-positive lyrics.

“With Myself” perfectly captures the vibrant positivity of loving yourself more than anyone else. Dark choral samples at the track’s opening create a lush soundscape, setting a moody scene before Winona’s powerful vocals enter the mix like a brisk flash of light.  A pulsating synth bass and a hypnotizing drum beat add to the song’s sultry rhythm, making it equal parts vibey and danceable.  Winona sings with a sense of independence as she addresses an ex-lover of whom she’s moved on from. “And I sleep so well at night when I lay there by my side”, Winona belts in the pre-chorus, “No one else to mess with my head.”

The chorus is playful yet fierce with dark synth chords and a colorful vocal hook. Winona’s voice is beautifully controlled, dancing along with content energy and a reserved sense of ease.  “With Myself” proves to be an elegant showcase of Winona’s ability as a musician and potential as a rising artist in the indietronica scene. Her defiant energy and emotional vocal delivery only reinforces that Winona Oak is a force to be reckoned with.

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