“Who Knows” – Cool Company

Cool Company’s latest single “Who Knows” is a dynamic, funky soul song that balances electronic sounds with analog instrumentation in a surprising and engaging way. With a melodic story that plays out like a chapter book, this track truly takes you on a trip with twists and turns that you’ll just have to experience to understand.
Beginning with an ambient intro that blends distorted vocalizations and radiating synth tones over rhythmic electric guitar strums, “Who Knows” creates a dreamy presentation that is both disorienting and hypnotic. Suddenly, you are swept into the verse with clean, rap lyrics that are perfectly supported by a groovy bassline and funky guitar. The prechorus boasts beautiful harmonies before parting into a single voice in the chorus singing “Who knows, who knows if this is worth saving”. The song is unpredictable as it effortlessly transitions from one musical chapter to the next. By the end of the song, you’ll have felt like you’ve gone on a soulful journey and you’ll immediately want to retrace your steps.
With “Who Knows”, the Brooklyn-based duo Cool Company further solidifies their incredible talents for blending creative, unexpected production into a single that you won’t be able to forget. A song that barely colors within the lines, it’s an exemplary experience that only those who hear for themselves will know.

Written by Katrina Charles

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