“The Reunion” by Loryn Taggart

Montreal-based folk-jazz-pop musician, Loryn Taggart, returns with her first solo release since 2020, “The Reunion.” This song is more than an upbeat groove. It addresses the dread that comes with having to attend a high school reunion after being away for so long. This is probably a very relatable and touchy subject for many people, but the cheerful melody provides a lovely counterbalance. We had the pleasure of interviewing Loryn Taggart, and here’s what she had to say:

Q: What message are you hoping to convey with “The Reunion”?

TAGGART: With the release of The Reunion, I’ve spoken for the first time, publicly, about social anxiety and my past substance reliance as a coping mechanism. The Reunion can be interpreted any way the listener wants, and what I’m hoping for is that it starts a variety of conversations. About isolation, anxiety, coming into one’s own, or even just the freedom of expression. The Reunion is the first release that I feel showcases my actual personality, big, loud, and exciting and I hope that I can convey that kind of vulnerability and honesty moving forward.

Q: Thank you so much for sharing that with us! What aspect of the creative process did you enjoy the most?

TAGGART: With each new session musician that came in to layer over our original ghost demo, I fell in love with the song-building process. First, it was bass, then harmonica, then percussion, watching and listening to the song get bigger and bigger. I’m used to releasing simple folk music, just myself and a guitar, or a piano. But having the ability to build a song brick by brick, especially the finishing touches – the horn section – I get to witness the song just come alive.

Q: How are you hoping listeners will respond to this song?

TAGGART: I’m hoping to develop trust in older listeners so that I can create something fun and dance-worthy while staying true to my story. It’s truly not in my nature to create big-sounding music, but having the resources to do it and a platform to release it allowed me to get really creative with my music. And I get to convey what I want in more interesting ways.

And I hope new listeners stick around to hear what’s next!

Q: In what ways do you think the music industry could help in advancing discussions about social anxiety?

TAGGART: Artists of all sorts are some of the most interesting people. They can create and energize a crowd and light up a stage, yet can be incredibly shy and introverted. At least that’s what I’ve experienced. I myself am introverted and awkward, and I think it can be surprising to hear that, especially after going all out during a performance and engaging with crowds. I think there should be more opportunities for vulnerable conversations and safe, inclusive conversations. I’ve seen over the last couple of years the industry start to right its wrongs, and I hope it continues.

Q: I hope so too. What drives you to make music?

TAGGART: I’ve pondered about the future so often, too often. And every time I try to consider a future where I’m not making music, I want nothing to do with it. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s a skill I was born with and I love using the tools I have. It’s satisfying, It’s interesting. It’s in my body. Imagine not doing something your body was meant to do. Imagine not breathing.

Q: Well, that sounds awful! What projects are currently in the works?

TAGGART: I have a ton of music being released this year! At least 4 singles, I’m project managing about 3 music videos to partner up with these singles, I’m working on a mini tour, and I’m very very excited to be working on a debut album. Along with that, I’m honored to still be portraying David Bowie on the ‘Berlin Trilogy’ tour out of Montreal, Canada.

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