“The One That Got Away” – Pure Shores x Dualities

Wanting someone back and them never giving you a second thought once things have come to an end is one of the worst outcomes of a relationship. However, when a song can manage to capture that feeling as well as make you simultaneously forget the hurt because it’s that good, you’re left more invigorated than hurt. That’s what Pure Shores has managed to do alongside the Italian DJ duo Dualities with their latest, “The One That Got Away.” 

“The One That Got Away” starts with a burst, or rather a pop. You get the classic essence of a modern-day pop song, but interlaced between those boisterous verses are dynamic EDM moments that will make fans of the fusion smile ear to ear. Not to mention, move. “The One That Got Away” may be a song born from a darker place, but together Pure Shores and Dualities have created a song that spreads joy through the dancefloor as audiences are going to find it impossible to ignore the influential dance elements. 

Marlene and Ji came together only a few short years ago in 2019. Since then Pure Shores have amassed over 50 million streams and counting. The Swedish pair have already released an EP in 2022 featuring half a dozen songs including “In My Dreams.” Now they have their brand new single, “The One That Got Away” featuring Dualities. To hear all of that and more, make sure to check out Pure Shores on all major music and streaming platforms today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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