“So Good” – Catalina Cara

People often say those born on Christmas have it the roughest because they may not get as many gifts, but what about those who came into the world on a day we only see every four years? It can’t be easy, but some Leap Year babies have found a way to embrace their unique day of birth like Catalina Cara. She wanted to celebrate her birthday so much that she named her debut EP, ‘Leap Year Baby’, and from it came her latest single, “So Good.” 

The title says it all but to elaborate, “So Good” gives way to Catalina’s airy pop vocals that make you feel as if you’re in a dreamlike realm. The hook of “so good, so good, so good” is one of those pop song moments that digs its way into the core of your brain, but you don’t mind too much as you hum it for a week or two straight. Aside from the little earworm Catalina Cara’s created, “So Good” offers up a delightful song that fans of artists like Ariana Grande will love as it balances pristine vocals with a pop punch. 

“So Good” is one of a handful of songs that can be found on Catalina Cara’s debut EP, ‘Leap Year Baby.’ It’s the first song on the record, setting the tone for what’s to follow which is more of that dream pop, but there are some sensual moments too like in “Sway Swing” as well as songs that make you just want to groove like “Missing Pieces.” For all of those and then some, make sure to check Catalina Cara out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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