“Shine” – Brooke Leialoha x SHLippin

“Shine” by Brooke Leialoha x SHLippin is such a soul enriching, neo-soul song that has a lot of meditative elements to it. Leialoha’s tranquil vocal capabilities on this record are transcendent, and almost hypnotizing to the ear (especially since she repeats certain phrases in the chorus like “running, running, running”). As the opening chords envelop you like a warm embrace, it’s distracts you from the lyrics which hold a deep and tender testimony. “Shine” is a testament to the power of living fully in the present. Born from the depths of grief, this song serves as a reminder to cherish every moment, to love deeper, and to embrace life’s fleeting beauty with open arms.

Written by Gabrielle LaRochelle

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