“San Pablo Dam” by MacArthur Maze

Current and upcoming Hip Hop artists have passed the torch and kept the legacy and culture alive for 50 years. “San Pablo Dam” by MacArthur Maze brings diverse architecture and wisdom of the culture to light.. We had the pleasure of interviewing MacArthur Maze, and here is what they had to say:

Q: How did you and your group come up with the name “MacArthur Maze”?

CHAMP GREEN: We were just brainstorming. We were inspired by DJ Sharp’s Eastshore Highway compilation from 2020, which is a spin off of a local freeway name. As a result, the fact that we commute to greatness together led us to create MacArthur Maze.

Q: What is “San Pablo Dam” about and what does it mean to the group?

D. BLEDSOE: I’m the only one in the group not from Oakland. San Pablo Dam is located in Richmond where I’m from. Champ referenced it in his verse and it made logical sense for the title. Like, “San Pablo DAMN those guys can rap.”

Q: Do you guys have any tours on the horizon planned? If so, where can people catch you?

DJ D SHARP: We definitely have some things in motion. We’re focusing on doing more shows at home and planning our record release show in the Bay Area.

Q: Whose music was/is a big fan of your group? Who exactly influenced the group’s style?

BLVCK ACHILLESThere are so many to name but here are a few:

Hieroglyphics, Outkast, 3xKrazy, Mob Figaz, Wu-Tang, Coast Contra, Dreamville, Earth Gang, Souls of Mischief, A Tribe Called Quest, Dogg Pound…we’re fans first! The artistry grew out of admiration.  

Q: The “San Pablo Dam” video is filled with the culture and knowledge we need. What was the inspiration to put this together?

NOBLJust wanted to make a quintessential classic hip-hop video. The music spoke to a black and white video. Downtown Oakland has an abundance of diverse architecture and scenery and we were right in thinking we’d have more than enough to bring the vision to fruition.

Q: Do you have anything else planned for the rest of the year apart from working on new music?

D. BLEDOSE: Releasing and promoting music. Serving our community by giving back. We put together a monthly volunteer group to help out at the local food bank. The plan is to work until it works!

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