“safer in the dark” – Alicia Lov

As someone whose mind races the fastest at night while the world around them sleeps, I often think – thank goodness no one knows what’s going on inside this chaotic brain. I’m unlike Alicia Lov because while I try and keep my mind off limits, she welcomes you inside with her latest single, “safer in the dark.” 

Inspired by Grammy-winner Billie Eilish, Alicia Lov wanted to give the world a tour of her inner thoughts and highlight that everyone does indeed have a bit of a dark side to them. She is not wrong in that, and in doing so she has created quite the song. One that pays homage to her Spanish heritage in the music, but remains very modern with the way she delivers this sort of ironically chilled pop in less than three minutes. It’s one of those songs that piques your interest at play and only gets better by the end. 

Alicia Lov is still pretty fresh to the music scene with her debut single, “Criminal,” dropping in 2020. Since this dancer turned singer has released three more singles in 2021. She kicked off this year with “Magnetic” and followed that up with “Talk.” Now she is rounding out the year with “safer in the dark.” Diving into a personal space with her songwriting, she presents an honest, raw look at herself through song. For those looking for passionate songwriting that comes with radio ready beats, check out Alicia Lov on all major music and streaming sites now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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