“Rollercoaster” – Arden Jones

While “Parallel Parking” made waves on Tik Tok as a fresh take on a Gen-Z love song, Arden Jones is singing a whole new tune with his debut vnclm_/Atlantic Records single, “Rollercoaster.” Love does have as many highs and lows as the carnival ride staple, and the 20-year-old rapper/singer has displayed that not only with his recent releases, but has given the comparison a makeover with this song that is as addicting as the thrill of reaching the tip top of the ride

“Rollercoaster” doesn’t waste any time getting to the core of what this song is all about. Arden Jones comes hard right out of the gate with a chorus that lends itself to be a sing-a-long favorite, which is only complimented by the bridge that compares the flawed ex to a rollercoaster he would rather fly out of than be with. Other than the hooks and Arden’s seamless flow between singing and delivering rhymes, the overall concept of the song is what people are going to attach themselves to. It’s easy enough to write a song about being sad about a breakup, it’s another to tell that person you’re over it and moving on. It is reminiscent of Demi Lovato’s “Really Don’t Care” in that regard. Which, who can deny a classic “screw you” anthem?

Arden Jones came up in a home overflowing with music and later studied it in an arts high school. Today, he displays his history of music flawlessly in the present with music that represents the best of invigorating pop and lyrical-based hip hop. Those who live for artists such as Bryce Vine can check out “Rollercoaster” by Arden Jones, available now.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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