“Rebound” – The Million

“Rebound” by The Million is an incredible, dynamic song that tells the story of a past relationship with straight-forward narrative lyrics and unexpectedly diverse instrumentation. With a style that blends elements of pop, rock, hip hop, and even a bit of soul, “Rebound” is an infectious tune that will have you singing along in seconds.
“Rebound” begins with a striking acapella intro that immediately captures your attention. Suddenly, the bass comes in with the rhythmic, syncopated verse that showcases lead singer Jacob Thomas’ textured, laid-back vocals that fluctuate effortlessly between catchy high notes and pensive low tones. The instrumentation builds while the lyrics slowly reveal layers of the story. The chorus declares “This wasn’t love, this was just a rebound” with confident guitar strums, creatively supportive instrumentation, and a melody that won’t leave your head for days.
With this single, The Million prove their talent for blending versatile sounds and genres into an impressive final product that just works. The Australia-based band consists of Jacob Thomas on vocals and guitar, Jay Stewart on drums, Tamon Mashimo on bass, and McKinley Payne on guitar. “Rebound” offers a taste of the magic that The Million has up their sleeves. With unexpected surprises, incredibly delivered narrative lyrics, and earworm melodies that will make a home in your head, it’s clear that this band has long-term potential.

Written by Katrina Charles

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