“Picture Albums” – goodkitty

Setting her emotional, true writing to music, goodkitty is the project of emerging artist Katie Colt. As goodkitty she will be releasing her debut EP Picture Albums on February 9th. The collection of songs is one Colt is very proud of, taking the time to produce and write each one of them. The Chicago based singer is a mother and a writer, this project was both for herself and to show her children that they should continue to follow their dreams.

The EP opens up with the song “Red.” Her voice is very distant and lush – reminiscent of vocal powerhouses like Sara Bareilles. The chorus is electric, with guitars soaring and drums lighting up around Colt’s voice. 

Her storytelling is eloquent, when talking about vulnerability on Picture Albums, she shared, “in so many ways, music has been my therapy. But what I hope people get from this is that it makes them feel better about their internal lives.”

“Better” sets a different tone. Contrasting from a dirty rock feel to an almost angelic chorus, it paints the picture of how Colt feels this person’s life would be made better by her. The EP continues on to her lead single “Sabrina.” The track is filled with imagery of water – whether Colt is swimming in the feelings, drowning, or floating – she talks about the highs and lows of this crush. Colt introduces herself as a queer artist with a distinct sound and rock feel: listeners of boygenius would fall head over heels for a song and an artist like this.

Overall, goodkitty is insanely talented and follows her visions through to the end. She had a dream to continue dreaming and learn to produce her own music: both executed beautifully on this project. So go show goodkitty’s debut project some love!

Written by Katie Power





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