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We at Music & Fashion Blog are always excited when we hear awesome new music. We’ve selected some fresh and catchy songs that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do:

Gloomy Rainbow – AC ON

Get swept up by the synth waves and electro bass beats of “AC ON,” by German artist Gloomy Rainbow. “AC ON” is a mixture of neon-synthpop and deep EDM resonance.

Jody Lynn – Mirror Mirror

“Mirror Mirror” is a heavy, fiery rock pop anthem by Jody Lynn. The product of Lynn’s creative partnership with producer Esjay Jones, “Mirror Mirror” simmers for stretches as a lead up to each and every aggressive outburst.

Barefoot Willow – Full Moon

Exquisite harmonies and noir-ish melodies define this single by duo, Barefoot Willow. From start to finish, “Full Moon” is enveloped in a shadowy atmosphere.

not hermes – machines

Deep, buzzing hypnotic hums and resonating synths are the calling cards of “machines” by New York-based electronic artist, not Hermes. A pseudo-mechanical, electro-laden melody leads the way.

Good Time Locomotive – The Dark Within

Morose synthpop with slight punk rock vengeance defines “The Dark Within” by London-based duo, Good Time Locomotive. “The Dark Within” is a netherworld level of ethereal with a small dash of vicious reality.

Gal Musette – Shower Song

Gentle acoustics and soft angelic vocals carry the day on singer-songwriter Gal Musette’s “Shower Song.” As if filtered through a dream state, “Shower Song” exists in a lo-fi melodic wonderland.

Second Spring – Cool Girl

Minneapolis-based artist Second Spring artfully dissects an aloof sensibility of “sunglasses indoors” on her sleek synthpop single, “Cool Girl.” Even if you’re not a part of the clique, “Cool Girl” will invite you into their inner circle with a brooding synth-laden atmosphere.

Alexayndra – Premonitions

Subtly menacing bass beats and heart racing synth fuel “Premonitions” by Salem, Massachusetts-based artist Alexayndra. Gradually anxiety inducing, “Premonitions” artfully elevates the tension to the point of palpitations.

Groenalund – I’m sorry, I love you (Matt Pop Remix)

Strut your stuff along with this upbeat ABBA-esque groove by German quartet Groenalund. If you’re nostalgic for ’70s disco pop anthems, let the elegant harmonies of “I’m sorry, I love you” be your time machine.

Hustle Souls – I’m Making A Deal (Muddy Water)

Lead singer Billy Litz’s wiry vocals highlight this down home, folk cut by Asheville, North Carolina outfit, Hustle Souls. With a heavy dose of twang and a hint of jangles, “I’m Making A Deal (Muddy Water)” is a relaxing, rustic romp.

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