“Lost in the Moonlight” – Tommy Lellan

Tommy Lellan’s song “Lost in the Moonlight” is an upbeat track that blends throwback synth sounds with a modern electro-pop style to create a fun, dynamic experience that demands your attention. Telling the too relatable tale of dating someone who never comes down from their high, “Lost in the Moonlight” blends exciting production with a narrative that will relate to anyone who has ever struggled to connect with someone who would rather connect with a substance.
A chaotically spiraling introduction leads quickly into the verse that is delivered as crisp and clear as a summer’s day. Lellan’s voice is confident and acts as the stable foundation for the rest of the production as he sings bluntly about the trials of a relationship strained by drug use. The instrumentation is slightly reminiscent of 80s synth pop but manages to maintain a modern sound and perspective. Lellan’s voice soars in the chorus with a round of harmonies as he sings “I can’t find you, you’re lost in the moonlight, nothing matters, you’re high as a f***ing kite”
Based in Melbourne, Tommy Lellan blends uniquely straight-forward and honest lyrics with classic electronic sounds and instrumentation to create music that is both fun and full of depth. With a clear, versatile voice and a vision that makes for an unpredictable ride, “Lost in the Moonlight” is a song you will be glad you found.

Written by Katrina Charles

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