“Lose My Phone” – Callen x LeftLukas

When the music and the lyrics of a song feel like complete opposites is when you know you’re in for a treat, and that’s why it felt indulgent to listen to “Lose My Phone” from Callen and LeftLukas on repeat. That vibrant vibe coexisting with lyrical moments that dove deep beneath the surface of our modern addiction, perfection. 

There was a time when we didn’t have a constant connection, and while the ability to have anyone and an abundance of information at your fingertips is a blessing. It can also be a curse, one of which Callen and LeftLukas go into with “Lose My Phone.” As soon as I hit play, I had flashbacks to instances throughout the past couple of years when sleepless nights led to endless scrolling. The blue light haze both sucking me in and pulling me under a wave of negativity. The wave came crashing down when this part of the song came through, “My mind trapped in the motion/Stuck refreshing every moment/Kinda clueless kinda stupid/How did I get so damn used to this?”

“Lose My Phone” speaks on the idea of tossing the device aside to gain back not only a sense of clarity but a grasp on reality. Callen and LeftLukas do this with clear-cut lyricism set to a mainstream electropop-based beat that gives it vitality all around. The juxtaposition of these elements makes for a fantastic addition to the current music landscape. 

To hear “Lose My Phone” from Callen and LeftLukas, check it out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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