“Lock The Doors” by Kiarrah Ireland

Canadian R&B/Pop Singer-Songwriter Kiarrah Ireland’s soulful vocals shine through in her latest release, “Lock The Doors.” This song emphasizes the importance of respect and honesty to build a strong relationship. We had the pleasure of interviewing Kiarrah Ireland, and here’s what she had to say:

Q: What was your songwriting process like for “Lock The Doors”?

IRELAND: For “Lock The Doors”, I collaborated with an incredible singer-songwriter, Gabriella Nowee AKA Goldiie. She has written hits for many big-time artists that inspire me. I came to the session with a concept in mind about the feelings that come with the early stages of a relationship and getting to know someone including the moment when you realize you want to take the relationship to the next level and become more committed. After explaining the concept, I then laid some melodies down, and then Goldiie went in and brought the concept to life! 

Q: How long did it take you to create this song and what aspect did you enjoy the most?

IRELAND: Creating this song with Goldiie was quick, educational, and exhilarating. Overall, from start to finish, it took about 4 hours. I really enjoy being a part of Goldiie’s creative process because there’s so much to learn from someone of her calibre who can create such incredible records in very little time. It’s important to be a student and to take notes from greats like herself! The song “Thankful” on my Ki of Love EP, was also created with her in a very similar manner. 

Q: At what point did you decide that you want to be a musician? How did your family react to this?

IRELAND: I grew up surrounded by a musical family. There was always someone singing, playing an instrument, or both, daily. My sisters and I would sing and perform songs for family and friends all the time. However, I started to pursue music more seriously when I was approached by my current manager, Tiffany Cagle, who expressed interest in developing me as an artist. She discovered me on YouTube after hearing my covers. At that time I had just finished a hockey season at Grant MacEwan University. It was my 18th year of competitive hockey. I had to make a huge decision on whether or not to shift my focus to music or not. I was curious and excited to explore the artist in me and my family was so supportive of the switch up and the new adventure.

Q: What is the best advice you’ve received about being a musician?

IRELAND: Some of the best advice I’ve collected through the years is to ask questions and to learn the business side of the music industry. Another piece of advice is to stay humble, and stay true to yourself and what you believe in. Know your worth and don’t give up because I truly believe that everyone has their own unique timing. 

Q: Can you name one artist that inspires you and the qualities you admire about them?

IRELAND: One artist that has really impacted me is H.E.R. I’ve been able to witness and follow her journey from when she was Gabi Wilson to the icon she’s become today. I sat in on some of her early sessions when she was recording with Swagg R’Celious who was also my producer at the time. She inspires me because she doesn’t put herself in a box. She is a very multidimensional artist. She plays multiple instruments and I admire her work ethic and her incredible talent very much.

Q: What would you like to say to your supporters?

IRELAND: I always appreciate the love and support from people who believe in me as an artist. It means so much to me to see people enjoy what I do and the art that I create and share. I have so much more music for you all and big ideas to turn into a reality, so stay with me on this journey ahead!

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