“Like That” – Sabz

“Like That” by Sabz is the most gloriously vindictive, suave masterpiece of pop songwriting you’ll ever hear. With some acrobatic vocals and a crisp, dynamically satisfying production style, this track feels a little like Ariana Grande, just darker. Sabz might just be the world’s next favorite pop diva–so strap in and get ready to delve into why.

Some covered synth hits and a few choppy, spliced vocal samples introduce us to the ominously minor chord progression. “I don’t know ‘bout you, but I don’t need nobody else / Shame on me for thinking you’d put me above yourself,” Sabz utters, a smooth tone enveloping her vocals. Harmonies course through the end of her phrase, propelling the song to a new section. 

Percussion takes over the mix. Sprinkles of devilishly textural electronic drum sounds collect underneath a new melody. Sabz performs these incredibly impressive runs, eventually culminating in a chorus: “You don’t even know me like that.” The melody goes from jaw-droppingly gymnastic to catchy and memorable. The listener can easily hum or sing along, the ultimate goal of a good pop song. Sabz achieves all that and more. This track showcases her vocal talent while also keeping the listener engaged with an accessible theme and musical structure. 

For the most spacey, dreamy, gorgeous bridge in existence, be sure to stay tuned for the whole three minutes! You’ll be left wanting to hear more from Sabz, and you’re in luck! Her discography is vast. Be sure to give her a like, a follow, and a download!

Written by Alyce Lindberg

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