“Like I Want You” by KAKI

There are no words to describe the feeling of having a crush on someone and wanting to tell them you like them, but not knowing if they feel the same way. “Like I Want You” by Kaki, is such an expression of confience and love. Musically, Kaki gives us a vulnerable story about her life story through her music which is the right amount of sentimentality while keeping it real on how she feel. We had the pleasure of interviewing Kaki, and here is what she had to say:

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself for anyone who might be hearing your music for the first time?

KAKI: Hi guys! My name is KAKI and I’m a pop artist/songwriter based in LA from Columbus, Ohio! I love catchy melodies combined with relatable, yet creative lyrics. Over the years my sound has been influenced by Halsey, Chelsea Cutler, and Taylor Swift. Rather than deep love or tragic heartbreak, I am inspired by the in-between moments — the confusion, uncertainty and spontaneity of love.

Q: “Like I Want You” encourages women to strive for what they want and to break free of their comfort zones. What is the story behind your latest single “Like I Want You” ?

KAKI: I wrote this song with my friend Sam Bierman. It was so easy to write and I knew instantly it was a song I wanted to release. We really tried to capture the feeling of liking someone, but being unsure if they feel the same way.

I personally am very bold and say what is in my heart and mind. I don’t want to ever waste my time or someone else’s so I always try to be honest and clear about how I feel, so “Like I Want You” is definitely a real experience for me.

Q: Your releases since 2020 have given us stories: Never stood a chance, Nice Guy, Deja Vu, Dreams, Mess With Mine, Like I Want You. We moved from heartbreak to healing and on to the next chapter. We’re curious about how you selected your creative direction. Can you tell us a bit more?

KAKI: I love songwriting and sharing my experiences/emotions through my music. Honestly, I release songs that are real for me at the time and show what I am living through. Friends of mine definitely know who my songs are about. If you listen to the lyrics you will hear the tea on my life. I write a lot of songs and release the ones that resonate the most with me and have a sound that I vibe with.

Q: How was your experience with hosting the SOHO JAMS? 

KAKIA friend of mine asked me to host and I was totally down. I invited 3 artist friends of mine to join me so it was super fun. The decor and vibes at Soho House are amazing and it’s such a gorgeous space to perform in.

Q: What are you excited for listeners, both new and old, to hear from you this year?

KAKII am just excited to release a lot of new music and visuals. The more songs I write, I really feel like I am honed in on my sound and what direction I am moving in. I can’t wait to tell more stories and perform for people who like my music!

Q: What would you like for fans to take away from “Like I Want You”?

KAKI: I hope it makes them smile and gives them the confidence to be bold. Everyone deserves to know what is occurring on in a situationship and to be on the same page. I love this song not only for the message/lyrics, but also for how catchy and fun it is. Sam’s production is so energetic, vibrant and will really have you dancing.

Interviewed by Shertara Brazil





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