“Lightning” Greya & Marc E. Bassy

No one would’ve guessed when Greya entered this world that singing was in her future as she and her twin sister were born deaf. However, two months later they regained their hearing, and by 11 Greya was singing, playing guitar, and diving into writing her own material. Today, she has proven to be a dynamo closing in on two million streams across all her platforms and there is no doubt that she’ll surpass that next milestone with the release of August’s “Lightning” with Marc E. Bassy. 

There was something both heartfelt and theatrical about the entirety of “Lightning.” Both Greya and Marc E. Bassy really stepped into the studio and performed this track as if they were on a stage in front of millions. From the emotive way they expressed every word to the thunderous music that helped push the whole song forward, every motion was perfection. The back and forth between two characters that used to be who have to face the reality that the other has moved on with someone new pulls at a multitude of heartstrings. So lyrically, this one will captivate with its narrative just as much as it does with stellar vocal performances and arrangements. 

Greya has noted that her goal with every song it to provoke a physical reaction from listeners and she’s done it again with “Lightning” alongside Marc E. Bassy. Those looking to add more contemporary R&B to their playlists and life can check out “Lightning,” available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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