“Keep Hoping” – Tayler Buono

“You made it hard for me to keep hoping.” 

There’s an innocence that’s lost when a relationship takes a turn and comes to an end. It’s often when one-half of the former pair is left with a broken heart. Tayler Buono found herself in that position, and in search of the expectations lost came “Keep Hoping.” 

Ever since she was a little girl, Taylor Buono has been creating songs in her head. Once she had a guitar in her hand, she knew what path she wanted to take. Since then she’s released a handful of singles including “Fine,” “Dangerous,” and her last of 2021, “Silent Night.” Now she’s back with her first of 2022, and it delivers to all who love a song that’s sprinkled with emotive indie music that’s elevated with melodious bedroom pop. A song that dives into one side of a breakup, it’s part of Tayler’s upcoming album, ‘How to Get Through a Breakup.’ It’s easy to hear based on this single that the album will be a record done in earnest and will be on par with similar-themed albums like Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Sour.’ 

“Keep Hoping” follows someone yearning for the idea of love to make sense once more, but alas all the memories of the past leave this former romantic nothing not hopeless. A relatable song, but also just a well-done piece of music ready for mainstream radio. Listeners can hear “Keep Hoping” now on all major music and streaming sites, while ‘How to Get Through a Breakup’ is due out in summer 2022. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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