January Music Sampler

With the month of January almost in the books, it’s the perfect time to look back upon some music that you may have missed. Here’s a selection of songs that you need to check out:

Renee Arit – Endless Autumn

At first, “Endless Autumn,” by Renee Arit, prompts you into projecting a thousand mile stare. However, it subtly rises into a few slightly muted, yet triumphant moments during each chorus of “we’ll meet again…don’t know where, don’t know when…But, my heart is yours always and forever.”

Justfil – Touch Screen Devices

“Touch Screen Devices,” by French composer, Justfil, features tinges of acoustics, mellifluous riffs and the elegant vocals of singer Lynsey Tibbs. Also, “Touch Screen Devices” is a subtle, but apt, commentary on our zombified, smartphone attached culture.

Andreas Grannes – Royal Space Dog

“Royal Space Dog,” by Andreas Grannes, is a relaxing soft rock track that rides on waves of glistening guitar and synth accents. “Royal Space Dog” is a slow, swaying style of effervescent pop rock that is ever-inviting.

Kate Bes – Wasn’t Ready For This

“Wasn’t Ready For This,” by Kate Bes, is an alt-pop banger about the mental tug of war between being comfortably alone and uncomfortably smitten. “Wasn’t Ready For This” is about the potential for self-sabotage caused by your own insecurity.

Ana Galeli – Take It Slow

“Take It Slow,” by Ana Galeli, is a chill and serene style of tranquil pop. If you enjoy what you hear, you may want to give Galeli’s debut EP, “Toyland,” a listen.

Livvy D – Take A Number (Club Remix)

“Take A Number (Club Remix),” by Livvy D, is about snuffing out old flames before they have a chance to burn you again. Along with the previously featured “Remix” version, both tracks make appearances on Livvy D’s newly released album, “No Turning Back.”

Robert Harrison – You’ve Got The Cure

“You’ve Got The Cure,” by singer-songwriter Robert Harrison, is an expansive, groovin’ pop rock song. What really opens up this song are the tumbling drums and sunny accents of horns.

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