“Ghost Me” – James Hersey

“Ghost Me” by James Hersey is a catchy indie rock masterpiece vivified by some organic vocals and a relatable message. Crisp, warbling electric guitars and a steady groove define the feel and maintain a summery brightness. James’s voice draws us in with a conversational, vocal-fry-drenched sultriness. If you’re known to fall in love with hip, modern alternative music, this track will doubtlessly be your next obsession.

The band comes careening in with a thick groove and a dreamy guitar riff. Most of the harmonic elements slip away as the vocals come in, leaving a bass/drum duo. “We met, halftime / She said, I’m not your type / Okay, pour one drink / And she stayed for the night,” James croons. Synths suddenly pour in, widening the sound and building toward the impending chorus. High-register octaves double the lead vocal with elegant subtlety.

The chorus arrives after a juicy, non-diatonic minor chord. Funky guitars perform the new chord progression as James belts the infectious, repetitive melody. It’s an incredibly effective chorus—an amalgamation of small changes to create something climactic. It’s the kind of thing that (quite delightfully) gets stuck in your head for days on end.

Stick around for more impressive guitar work and a quick, pithy ending. Don’t miss out on this track or this artist—give James Hersey a follow on your choice of social media platform and “Ghost Me” a listen on your choice of streaming service. You’ll be glad you got to know his unique style and musicianship.



Written by Alyce Lindberg

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