“For Ages” – EGOISM

The days one felt like not getting up from where they slept sadly outnumbered the days they felt right over the past couple of years for obvious reasons. There’s no denying that and many are being open and honest about their struggles, including many musicians like Scout Eastment, one-half of the indie-pop duo out of Sydney, EGOISM. On a down day while Olive Rush was out and Scout wasn’t feeling his best, the foundation for what would ultimately become “For Ages” came to him and now, it’s ready for the world to hear. 

By the time “For Ages” started to take shape, Scout felt hopeful again. Which I think is what you want from not only a writing session, but as a listener. Especially when the world can be so bleak, it’s nice to be able to turn on an invigorating song such as this, and lose yourself in the motion it inspires. What stands out most though is the great back and forth between Scout and Olive as they come together as EGOISM. Their vocals fit seamlessly together, neither outshining the other, only completing one another from start to finish – as all great pairings do. 

EGOISM has been working well as a solid unit since dropping their debut, “Sorry,” back in 2018. Since then they’ve released several singles, and an EP. “For Ages” isn’t just their latest but their first since 2021’s “Lonely But Not Alone.” Fans have been itching for new material and whoop – here it is! Speaking of fans, those in Australia will be happy to know that EGOISM is heading out for a handful of dates in May and June, and for those that are not local – make sure to check out EGOISM on all major music and streaming platforms to get your fix today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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